Star Wars as Sonata Form

I am a pretty big nerd. This fact is not lost on my students. A few times a year, including today, I get to dust of my, by which I mean my friend Matthew Schoendorff’s, comparison of sonata allegro form to the original Star Wars […]

Composing with an Accent

Music is a second language to me. That is to say, it is not a first language. I am not a native speaker, and will probably always feel like I’m composing with an accent. I believe some musicians are native speakers because they started cello […]

Composer Family Tree

A few years ago, through online composer biographies and wikipedia entries, I pieced together my composer family tree. I looked for my teachers’ teachers, their teachers, and so on. I figured once I reached Beethoven, it was pretty safe to stop. Click the thumbnail to […]